Artistic collective founded more than 20 years ago that, from 2020 onwards, begins to build an open community around a circle of collaborators articulated by the duo that currently integrates it, the visual artist, researcher and educator Jo Muñoz (CL) and the architect and artist Diego Peris López (ESP).

The main focus of their initial themes was citizen activism in public and common spaces as an alternative to the neoliberal city. Today their interests are amplified, focusing on dissidence as political forms of resistance that construct other possible imaginaries. A work that analyses current contexts from a mutant perspective, which implies the challenge of creating, approaching and embracing radical discourses, antagonistic to hegemonic cultural impositions. Thus, they move from lines of action positioned in collaborative practices as a response to the needs of the communities, towards collaborative practices that seek to install spaces for critical thinking. This makes it possible to activate new transcultural subjectivities, as forms of emancipation and decolonisation of dominant thinking, based on processes of research/production/action in both geographical and symbolic territories.

Projects that develop and use agitprop, counter-advertising and visibilisation or guerrilla communication to question the city model and its consequences, such as gentrification, evictions, segregation, touristification and social control, are now spreading as critical devices that seek to question these and other narratives from aesthetic/political counter-narratives.

The means of do it yourself, collective constructions and open source architecture are beginning to be analysed from notions of critical pedagogy that contest non-formal education as a field of dialogical experimentation towards autonomy. 

A praxis that for a long time responded to needs is now a praxis that is being questioned.

See projects at http://www.todoporlapraxis.es/

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