As Todo por la Praxis (TXP) collective, we are located in an industrial building located in the Vallecas neighbourhood of Madrid, which we restructured and renamed Espacio de Todo (Space of All) in 2021. This place works as our own workshop space and simultaneously it opens to contain two initiatives that dialogue and nurture our creative projects: the already existing Institute do it yourself (IDYS) as a platform for critical pedagogy and action, and the research and artistic production platform called PIPA!

The Espacio de Todo is designed to host our own processes as well as to welcome and share those of others, in order to subvert the idea of production subject to the official system. The IDYS line of work contains the TXP projects that rethink the collective learning processes, the co-design and the relationship between pedagogy and art in formal and non-formal educational environments. PIPA!, on the other hand, is linked to the production of work and discourse as a political aesthetic exercise of the collective in the field of art, seeking to sustain a permanent dialogue with other artistic agents through invitations, to work collaboratively with our curatorial interests and thus reciprocally nourish these common creative processes.

The aim of sharing the workspace is to create new contexts that form an open community where we build knowledge from other modes of relations in the field of art, trying to generate affects and effects that manage to intervene in hegemonic cultural and artistic practices as an exercise of resistance, from a mutant management of contents.


  1. In this space, from 2015 to 2019 the collective managed the Do It Yourself Institute (IDYS), which hosted collaborative projects implemented by the collective itself as an exercise in common learning, and research into collaborative practices through the construction of an archive, as well as supporting a series of self-construction, participation and mediation activities. This space has now become a working platform within the Espacio de Todo, maintaining its original dynamic and expanding towards work in educational environments.

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