︎︎︎Tangra Play Ground / IES Arcipestre de Hita

December 2020

The laboratory that we carried out at IES Arcipestre de Hita, as part of Medialab's Experimenta Educación initiative, was conceived as a starting point for setting up an autonomous space for students, as well as its subsequent appropriation by the entire educational community. The specific activities for this first prototype were carried out with students in the 2nd year of ESO and functioned as a pilot project to develop a self-managed radio station for them, which could also be a pedagogical tool.

Starting with a co-design process, we first worked with the whole group to think about the common spaces and set up a particular place for school breaks. Then we defined together a multifunctional device for some contents that led to the creation of a radio. This furniture can also be used for meetings and other possible uses that will be defined in the process. For this stage, we worked on the Japanese tangram puzzle models: we designed some models that allowed us to collectively define some models and their combinations.

We then split into two groups, one focused on the actual construction of the pieces and their painting; the other looked at radio programming, reviewing proposals for grids or podcats, as well as their use in general. The first phase began with a music programme for the break, a liveshow with a live announcer, and a student in charge of playing songs, based on the requests of other students, collected in a mailbox set up for this purpose. In addition, they proposed to include comments, messages, and other topics of interest to the group in particular. For its activation, a music session was held with the intervention of the announcer, and they named it "Blue Radio".

With this first stage, we hope to motivate other educational activities that the space can contain and for which it is also designed, especially for the generation of collective learning by teachers, who can make use of both the furniture and the radio devices for pedagogical purposes. This, without leaving aside the autonomous use that students can make of it for their leisure and meeting spaces.

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