This platform takes as a reference the southern geolocation of Madrid, where the space is located, to build a relationship that conceptually permeates artistic and research practices. Its curatorial line of work raises the notion of the south as a symbolic condition to be questioned from different types of contemporary art projects. We want to ask ourselves what it means to be south, who is south, and why the binary determinations associated with the globally installed term. The actions generated through the associated programming aim to produce an aesthetic and critical reflection on what it implies, exploring a type of decentralization that fosters other relations and results between artistic agents with diverse discourses and places of enunciation.

The elements that converge here allow a territorial and symbolic power that nourishes the investigative and creative practice, both of the collective and of our guests.

Under four working modalities that are directly related to specific spaces located within the Espacio de Todo, the results that operate under this curatorial line are being configured: Barrionalismos [Neighborhoodnalism]; Coyuntura en obra [Juncture at work]; Otro(s)ures [Other(s)ouths], Techo Sostenido [Sustained Roof] and Anarchivo [Anarchive]. The working mechanism are research and production residencies, which operate through invitations that depend on public support for the space, or the hosting of projects that are of interest to this conceptual framework, and which have their own funding. For the residencies, we have used the recycling of a work of the collective called “Residencia Monumento”(01) as a working space, which we have reconstructed within the space for the creative deployment of the guests. In addition, for the results of the different activities, we have adapted the front of the space to convert it into a permanent street gallery.

Food, as part of the sharing of these processes, is a transversal element that allows us to think together, conversing our cultural and identity practices in order to strengthen their collective critical capacity. That is why we have instituted that all the processes and results are crossed by the cuisine that both we and our guests prepare and share to reflect on the projects we carry out.




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